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Multi Lingual Websites

Business Benefits of Speaking More Than One Language

Today, there are over 4.54 billion people using the internet, making it a great place for businesses and obtaining customers. Presently, more than 410 million people communicate via Spanish language as their mother tongue. By providing multiple language options you’ll be opening up your business proposition to new customer segments that were previously out of reach, this, in turn, will help you improve your sales and profits.

The team at Ariston Design makes it easy for you to run a multilingual website. We provide support for 40 languages. You will be able to paste in your text in each language and users will be able to click on flags to select the language of their choice. Or, you could simply request us to add the auto-translate feature!

What are the benefits of a multi-language website?

Reaching a larger audience
Reducing Bounce and Improving Conversion Rates
Establishing a Competitive Advantage
International Search Engine Optimization
Improving brand image

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